Mobile Area
Orchid Society

MMobile Area Orchid Society's 42nd Orchid Show

March 1-3, 2019
We are pleased to announce that our 42nd annual show will be held March 1-3, 2019, at Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

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The Mobile Area Orchid Society welcomes you.  Centered in Mobile, Alabama, we are a small but intrepid band of explorers in the vast jungle that is the Orchid Kingdom.  It's a world that contains nearly 30,000 species and well over 500,000 hybrids.  Join us in our exploration.  This website is an attempt to introduce you to plants that can both beguile and vex at the same time.  They can be a challenge to grow but when done successfully they will reward the effort.

Allow us the opportunity to help you on your orchid journey.  

{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%20%2D%2D%3EThe Mobile Area Orchid Society has been affilliated with the American Orchid Society (AOS) since 1950.

We generally meet monthly except June and December.  We meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm. The meetings are presently being held at Christ United Methodist Church at 6101 Grelot Road, Mobile, Alabama in Building A, Room 206.

 In addition to our monthly meetings one of our primary activities is participating at area orchid shows.  This ranges from conducting the annual local show here in Mobile, having a display at the Providence Festival of Flowers, or placing displays at neighboring orchid shows.​​

Orchid shows give us an opportunity to display our plants and connect with the public.  If the show is sanctioned by the AOS the plants are judged by accredited judges not only for ribbons but also for specific awards from the AOS.
Some of our additional activities are our annual June picnic, Christmas party, and member's greenhouse tours.  The June picnic includes an auction where members provide plants for the auction.  It's an opportunity for members to share excess plants with other members and guests to share the proceeds with the Society.

The greenhouse tour is an opportunity for members and guests to visit other members greenhouses and see how they successfully raise their collection of orchids.

Did You Know?
Orchids are found throughout the world from within the Artic Circle to the tip of South America and in both theWestern and Eastern Hemispheres.  Within the Mobile, Alabama area there are several native species of orchids that can be found growing in the ground. Their presence goes unnoticed because their flowers are small and the plants generally appear to be just another wild grass.  Orchids are not parasites like mistletoe but most live in nature on trees and rocks that serve as support for the plants. They take moisture from the air and organic matter present on the surface of the trees or rocks they may be growing on.  Other  orchids can be found growing in the ground.

The size of orchid plants can range from less than a quarter of an inch in height to as much as twenty feet in length.  Flower size also varies and ranges from as small as 1/16 of an inch across to as much as 10 inches in diameter.

Growing Orchids
Growing orchids is not as difficult as many people think.  With a little attention to light, water, temperature, and food, an orchid plant will live indefinitely producing blooms at least yearly.  Plants can be grown indoors, in a bright window or under plant gro-lights, in a greenhouse, or outdoors when conditions are acceptable.  Some orchids can tolerate direct sunlight but most prefer diffused sunlight. 

Perhaps the biggest issue for many when raising orchids is providing the correct amount of water; too much, the roots may rot,  too little, the plant will dehydrate and die.  The amount of water given to an orchid varies with some needing to have the potting material dry out before watering, other orchids need constant dampness in their potting material but do not like it to be wet.  Finding the appropriate balance of moisture for your plant may require some trial and error experience.   As far as temperature, if you're comfortable orchids are comfortable.  Most orchids prefer a temperature range between 55oF and 85oF but there is some tolerance to temperatures outside this range.

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